USA - California - Portland and Seattle

Final post of this series.. For the last part we took a flight from San Francisco to Portland and then booked a one-way car-rental to get to Vancouver over the course of a few days. Highlights include the Portland Japanese Garden, the Edgefield hotel and beautiful nature landmarks along the way..


Since we had only limited time for our remaining trip we had to make some decisions on what to see in Portland. We decided on first making a quick stop downtown to grab a bite to eat. Much to the delight of JJ's grandparents we stopped at a small restaurant in Chinatown and then walked around a bit more before making our way to Washington Park. If you ever plan to go there I suggest to take the bus driving in the park since finding a parking spot was a pain.

International Rose Test Garden

The rose test garden has an incredible selection of different roses. Apparently features 10,000+ plants, I had honestly no idea that so many existed.

JJ with roses
us in rosegarden
on bench

Portland Japanese Garden

Right across the street is the Japanese Garden. Highlights include a waterfall, teahouse & mountain view.

Japanese garden


After a few hours of exploration it was time to head to our hotel and we were in for a treat. I read about the Edgefield in a Blog article when preparing our trip and it got me curious enough to book it.

Edgefield front

The building is from 1911 and nicely restored so it has a lot of old charm in it. The best though is the garden outside. There are multiple small "stations" almost with bars or other attractions (Glass blowing, Golf, artwork, etc), so you can just get a drink and then walk around and explore. They also have an outdoor pool and even a small cinema where we watched Superwoman.


We really enjoyed our time there and wished we had another day to spend. Highly recommended!


Almost there now!

Museum of Pop Culture. You can also see the Needle in the background
Pike Place Market
Peace Arch
Peace Arch at the US-Canada border

Done! :)