USA - California - LA

New update! Finally found some time to finish off this post and others should follow soon.

We're now halfway through our tip through California with JJs parents and grandparents. This time exploring LA and the some places surrounding it. Hope you enjoy!

Day 1

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

Our first destination arriving in LA was The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. It is a collections-based research and educational institution for both scholars and the general public. This place has so many spectacular sights that it is easy to spend a whole day there (what we ended up doing). Both the botanical gardes and the exhibitions are world class. Here are some of our impressions of the day:

Chinese Garden
Chinese Garden
Waterfall in Chinese Garden
Bonsai Display
Bonsai and JJ
A JJ for scale
Alex throne
Resting in the Stone Throne
Everyone is exhausted from a long day of walking
Lily Ponds
View over the Lily Ponds

Day 2

The Broad

The next day we went downtow to visit the contemporary art museum The Broad

This piece only assembles to what you can see in this picture when view from the correct angle
Realistic drawing with an incredible amount of detail


jap 1
Drawing from Takashi Murakami
jap 2
blue 1
Simple and yet powerful
blue 2
Alex for scale

Griffith Observatory

For the afternoon we decided to get a bit out of town and visit the Griffith Oberservatory for a great view over the city and the Hollywood sign.

Watching the Stars
Watching the Stars
walk up
Walking up the mountain
Hollywood sign

Day 3

Universal Studios

It was time to go back down the memory lane. This day was packed with action as we had a full day booked for Universal Studios.

We got there relativly early in the morning, which I can highly recommends since this is the time where the lineups are the shortest. The theme park has a nice mix of areas from Harry Potter to Transformers including a lot of Roler Coaster rides + the Universal Stodio tour of course. Overall it seems to be the better deal compared to the other theme parks available. Here are some of our impressions:

Harry Potter Castle
The Harry Potter Castle is a great sight
Town Rooftops
The small towns looked very cute, just like taken out of a comic
Entering into Jurassic Park. Here we're still with the herbivores
Now it's getting futuristic with Transformers (these were not statues)
To top everything off at the end we watched the Waterworld show. Don't expect to leave it dry
Roller Coaster
Props to JJs grandparents for taking the roller coaster with us. I dont think they know what they signed up for

Day 4

Getty Center

To finish off our LA trip we went to the Getty Center. JJ and I have already been here last time (see and were fascinated by the architecture and art, so coming back was high on our bucket list.

Getty Center Garden
Getty Center
Getty Center Tree
Inspecting Art