USA - California - San Diego

After a few days in Las Vegas we went on to our next stop San Diago. First we met up with JJs grandparents and her uncle who would join us for a few days. Next we rented a car for our time in southern California.

Balboa Park

Our first day after arrival was spent in the Balboa Park. Balboa Park is a 1,200-acre urban cultural park in San Diego and it is the location of 17 different museums as well as the San Diego Zoo.

Balboa Park tower
Balboa Park tower

Our first suprise when arriving was a military ceremony. It looks like a class of medical staff from the Navy finished and we could listen in to some of the speeches.

Military Ceremony
Military Ceremony
Within minutes JJs grandfather had his pen and paper out and started drawing
Amazingly done within a few minutes

After listening for a while we continued to the main plaza. Since we only had the day we decided to visit the San Diego Museum of Art, which is probably the most popular of all.

Main Plaza
Main Plaza
Strange Horse
Strange Horse

The museum also put up some interactive stations to draw cerain objects. Here it was an Agyptian statue. With a family full of artists we decided to stay and give it a try

Everyone drawing
Everyone drawing
Painting of Otto Dix - a famous German artist
Part of the japanese exibition

Once we werde done in the museum we split up started exploring more outside.

Botanical Building
Botanical Building. Sadly closed that day
Infront of the Botanical Building. JJ and I rented small so called ELECTRIQUETTEs to drive around. Apparently they are replicas from the 1915 where they were also used to get around the park.
Spanish Village Art Center
Spanish Village Art Center. May little shops where artisans are working and showcasing their work
Spanish Village Art Center2
Backyard in the Spanish Village. This place is full of hidden gems
JJ Tree
Sea monster

After eveyone had enough walking for the day to took a break at the Japanese Garden and then headed on to the beach.

Sea Lions
There are Seals and Sea Lions in arms reach
Time to rest
Time to rest

At night JJ and I went out on our own to get a drink explore downtown a bit.

JJ dring

We ended up in some bar that is doing dueling pianos. Two players taking song requests with lots of crwod interaction. Lots of fun.

dueling pianos

Conorado Beach

The next day we went out together to Conorado Beach. It has beautiful long beaches and some nice looking resorts. Since it's right next to a military Navy base we could see several jets with supersonic speed passing by.

Alex on the rocks
Alex on the rocks
Thats it for the day. Another picture from the Balboa Park