Galiano Island

Sorry for not sending many updates, but JJ and I have been super busy with trips in the past two months and are just finding time to catch up. I'll start with our trip to Galiano Island, which started with an invite from Jonas and Monette to join them.

They alrady planned on sailing over from Vancouver on a Friday. Since they had all spots taken on their boat we took the car there instead. First lesson of the trip: If you make a ferry reservation better make sure it's correct. Well, I managed to make mine in the wrong order, wich made it invalid and all the times were wrong as well. This meant thet we were 4 hours early for the next ferry and trapped on the ferry terminal.

Trapped at Terminal
Trapped at Terminal

Lucky we managed to sneak out of the terminal (they don't like that) and catch a shuttle to the nearby Tsawwassen Mills mall.

Tsawwassen Mill
Nice artwork inside a gigantic hunting store in Tsawwassen Mill

After much delay we finally managed to set over and meet up with our friends for a glass of wine to end the night.

The official campground was already booked out, but they also had a overflow space that was perfectly fine. Here some pictures from the next morning to give you an idea:

Montague Harbour Marine Provincial Park Campground
View on the Montague Harbour Marina from our tent

The plan for Saturay was exploring the island with mopeds (JJ and I still ended up following along with our car). What follows are some pics from the island:

Stone Formations
Stone Formations on the beach
Mr Crabs
Mr. Crabs says hello
View on water
Lunch break
Lunch break at Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa. Great pizza from a wood fired oven
Bellhouse Provincial Park
Bellhouse Provincial Park
Stone Formations on the beach
More Stone Formations on the beach

During the afternoon we split up and ended up at the Cedar Grove Studio of Canadian ceramic artist Sandra Dolph

Cedar Grove Studio
Cedar Grove Studio
Cedar Grove Studio Art piece
Secret Cove
Secret Cove at Retrat Cove
Lovers Leap
Last stop of the day: Lover's Leap cliff
Till next time