Egmont Day

Sean invited us to join him cfelebrating Egmont Day on this lovely weekend trip in his hometown Engmont. Around 330 people live there and it lies at the north end of the Sechelt Peninsula on the Sunshine Coast.

Horseshoe Bay
To get there we took the ferry from Horseshoe Bay with Mats and Caroline
Our dinner at the Grashopper near Marina Park. Great patio with views over the water and good food
We were all staying in 2 cozy cabins. This was the sleeping place under the roof only accessible by ladder
Program for the day. Highlights were the Parade, Zodiac rides, live music and a Chowder cook off
Jet Ski
While we were on our Zodiac ride Kanika and Linda enjoyed themselves on a Jet Ski ride
Sean Minihome
Visting Seans parents. Next to their house a tiny home Sean build in his free time with help of others. We were all quite impressed
JJ with bird
Back at the festival JJ found the petting zoo
The coolest afro you#ll see today
Emily facepainting
Emily facepainting
Campfire at night to share stories with drinks
Skookumchuck Narrows
Next day we visited the Skookumchuck Narrows. 200 billion gallons of water forced through the narrows twice a day.
Jelly fish
A jelly fish was in dire need of help
Thats it. We had a great time and hope to come back again next year!