BC Trip 2020 - Rossland, Castlegar and Nelson

Reporting back from our grand BC trip to Banff, which came together last minute after friends invited us to join them at their campsite in Banff. We thought we make the best out of it and explore other surrounding parts we haven't been to before. Because of the lenght of the trip I'll split this blog post into two parts.

Our journey starts along Highway 3 along Hope, Manning, Osooyos, Grand Forks and our stop for the night Christina Lake.

Busy day on the road

It was long weekend, so we were pretty happy to find an affordable motel at Christina Lake to sleep at. Because it gets so dry and hot in the area the lake is reknown to be the warmest in BC. We got some groceries at the local store to BBQ at the motel and prepared for us a small dinner.

Next day we had a little adventure planned by doing tubing in Grand Forks. We brought our little inflatable Explorer 200 to sail down the river with some drinks on hand, just enjoying the sun. It was quite hot that day, so I think we each got a good little sunburn at the end. We only had one car, so no easy way to get back to the starting location. Luckily we met a nice group from Alberta who offered me a ride back there, so it all worked out.

Next up was Rossland to check back in at our favourite Rams Head Inn (see previous Rossland posts). We intended to stay here for two nights, doing some day excursions. For the first day we explored the surrounding area. Initially we though about renting mountain bikes, but they we're not availalbe for the time we needed them. Instead we check out the local disc golf course (a hobby we picked up this Spring). The course was absolutely spectacular. Great views and nice lines to throw. It follows to local ski path for the most part, which means that almost each shot is a bit up or downhill (but nothing too crazy).

disc golf rossland
Stunning view at the disc golf course

We ended up coming back here each day on our stay (so 2 more times) because it was so much fun. Cudos to the local community setting up and maintaining the course. Next to it is also a small picturesque lake to hang out at.

rossland lake
jj painting lake
JJ couldn't resist getting out her sketch pad

After a day full of activities we were hanging out at the Inn at night to relax.

pool billiard rams head

The next day we started our day trip to Castlegar and Nelson. The drive there was beautiful and to our surprise so were the towns.

First stop at Castlegar was a small island called Zuckerberg Island (not related to Marc from Facebook). Entrace is a bit hidden away, we were glad that we found it. It's a nice walk and contains some interesting history about the place and the town.

Zuckerberg Island bridge
Zuckerberg Island walk
Zuckerberg Island statue
Zuckerberg Island house

After that we stopped at a cute local cafe and explored the sculpures in Downtown, another highlight of the city.

Humble Bean Coffee Co
Humble Bean Coffee Co.
Castlegar sculpture beaver
Castlegar sculpture croc

After having spent seveal hours in Castlegar it was time to check out Nelson. We ended up having less time than expected, so we only had a short walk around town and a snack at the local Mexican place

Cantina Del Centro - Nelson
Cantina Del Centro - Nelson
Nelson mural

We ended up going back and to Rossland and stay there for another day and this marks also the first half of ouur trip. Stay tuned for the next part.