Over new year we decided to get away from the busy Vancouver live and spend a few days in the USA. The plan was to drive down to Portland, spent 2 nights there and then drive back up alongside the coast to get all the spectactular views.

Day 1

The trip strated with a huge lineup at the border, which set up back several hours. We were more than glad when we finally made it.

Our first snack after crossing the border
Now how is this going to fit in...

Without traffic the drive from Vancouver to Portland would be 5 hours, having to wait in the traffic and having to go through border security it actually took us the whole day. It was already late when we arrived, so we just checked in the hotel to get up early the next day.

Day 2

Day started with a buffet breakfast at our hotel

There are very few things that JJ likes more than fruits

First stop for the day was the Portland Art Museum.

Museum Artwork
Museum Artwork
Museum Artwork
Charcoal drawing
Street Art
Streetart can also be seen often in Portland

After being done with the museum we continued exploring downtown by foot. First stop was a little cafe to get something to drink

Portland Cafe

After that we contined the city, drove around and the later went to Powell's Books (apparently the the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world) and the Living Room Theatre, where we watched The Big Short. The cinema is very interesting, because it is set up as a European style cafe/lounge with big comfortable couches and round tables where you can order food and drinks. Of course a trip to Portland is also not complete without exploring the pub secene. There are a lot of local breweries, which beer had to be tried.

Beer sampler
A beer sampler. People here are certainly not afraid to try new things when it comes to brewing beer

Day 3

We started our last day in Portland with another nice breakfast, where we made sure not having to eat for a while.


Then the actual roadtrip started.

We drove from Portland West to Cannon Beach, then North along Highway 101 all the way towards Olympic National Park. Final destination is Port Townsend, where a ferry can take us over back to Insterstate 5
Cannon Beach
Our first stop Cannon Beach. It got the name from a cannon that was washed ashore there once

The drive continued north. We wish we could show more pictures, but we can't find them sadly. After a long day of driving we finally arrived at our cabin. We booked a micro cabin in the woods near Port Angeles on AirBnB. It was tiny but had everything that you need for a good night of sleep.

In Cabin
Preparing tee
Tired and ready to fall asleep. The bed is located in a tiny loft on the second floor, only accessible by climbing up a ladder.

Day 4

Cabin from outside. Who's that in the window?
The dog of the owners Amy And Logan, who are living next door

It was time to say goodbye and head back home. Our plan was to drive back south through Seattle and then back up north on Interstate 5, but luckyly we discovered last minute that there is a ferry leaving from Port Townsend. We were lucky enough to be one of that last few people who got on. The drive turned out to be way shorter and more scenic because it went over multiple islands.