Christmas in Germany

I has been 2 years since our last visit to my family back in Germany, so it was long overdue to see them again. And what time could be better for that than Christmas!

For the first week we planned to stay with my family in Göttingen and then we would move north to celebrate New Years Eve with our friends in Bremen. Finally we would take the train to Amsterdam for our flight back home. Our trip to the Netherlands will be in a seperate post.

Our flight left Vancouver on the 23rd and we arrived on the 24th at around 11:30 am. The first surprise was, that my luggage didn't, which had almost all presents we were bringing in them. Apparently it was still stuck in the U.S., but would be send to my address the next day. I crossed my fingers and we went on our way to Göttingen with the train.


Hauptbahnhof Göttingen
Arrived at the central train station in Göttingen

I was not sure what I expected but coming back to the city felt like I just left a few days ago. Not much had changed in my time abroad and it felt good to be back.

Christmas Tree
My sister was well prepared for the event

As soon as the greeting session was over we started getting comfortable and preparing for our Christmas dinner.

Back together again...
..And of course the food
View over roofs on a rainy day

The next day we visited the parents of my sistes boyfriend Lennard, since they had a big Christmas celebration as well and wanted to meet us for the first time.

At Lennards Parents
Here we are playing a card game called Codenames, highly recommended

The funniest thing of the night was probably when my brother Nico let out the cat, started looking for it and then getting lost himself (he had a few drinks by that point). The cat was back already at that point of course.

Fish Art
Here we are back in Göttingen doing some exploration. This is one artwork which can be found at the Paulinerkirche

Another excursion we did was to the Brother Grimm Museum in Kassel.

This art installations in the museum works with mulpiple layers of papers to give an interesting perspective on depth while telling a story about the lifes of the Grimm brothers

After that our time in Göttingen came to an end and we headed on our way north.

Coffee break in Hanover


Trainstation Bremen
Outside of the trainstation in Bremen

Our first little excoursion brought us to the Universum Bremen, a sience museum which has many "hands-on" exhibitions explaining physics, biology and empathy. We stayed there a few hours with Nice to try out as many as we could.

JJ on chair
It's all a matter of perspective
Earthquake room
Here we could experience the effect of an earthquake first hand

Weser Outdoor Camp

This was a small excursion I did with some of the guys next day. We biked about 30 km north and slept overnight at a beach. Since it was in the middle of winter it was freezing cold in the night, but we were well prepared.

On our bikes
On our bikes into sunset, we were really lucky with the weather
Packing up
Packing up and ready to head back home

All in all we had had a great time together. Certainly made me appriciate having a home even more.

JJ thinking
'Why would anyone choose to sleep outside during this time of the year?'

New Year's

Finally New Year's was around the corner. We had a great dinner planned with many more friends coming by.

Wood Art
Here we are doing a little art project. We print out photos and then getting the pictures on wood using a special glue that gets the priint off the paper
Watching firewoks
Watching firewoks

The day after...

Typical houses in the nicer parts of Bremen
Little zoo in the park of Bremen
Lake in the park

Towards Amsterdam...

On the 2nd of January our time in Bremen came to an end and we got on our way towards Amsterdam. We will add that part soon!

Sleeping on the train
JJs notes
JJ documenting the exeriences we had