California - LA

We were thinking about doing a trip to California for a while now. With national hoidays coming up in in March we finally saw a good oppotunity to realize it. The cheapest flight we found was a roundtrip to LA, so this was where our it started and ended.

There are separate blogposts about our roadtrip, so this one will cover LA only. We visited the Getty museum on the second day after arrival, but only explored the rest of the town after we came back from our trip.

We got greeted by this funny ad

Getty Museum

Getty entrance
Our first big stop of the trip was at The Getty Museum. A huge complex on top of mountain where you have to take a small train to get up. Amazing place with a great collection.. and all free of charge!
Bed in Getty
A bed for little people
Artwork in Getty
Looking at art can become tiring
Sculpture in Getty
A sculpture that can be found in the courtyard
Sculpture in Getty
Another sculpture in the garden of the Getty

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

We didn't take many pictures at the LACMA. This is part of the lights installation outside.

Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory. Grest for a view over Los Angeles and at the Hollywood Sign

Living in LA

For our days in LA we booked an apartment over AirBnB, which also included using this nice pool. But what I also want to note is that when we looked outside the window we could see many homeless people living under the bridge. The city has a big problem with homelessness, which is often ignored.


Bradbury Building

Bradbury Building
Many movies have been shot here, most famous one being Blade Runner

The Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore
One of the best bookstores we ever visited. Not because of the size, it's more about how they put so much effort into little details and added fun ideas. If you ever want to open a bookstore look here for inspiration

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall
Walt Disney Concert Hall, by architect Frank Gehry
The Endowment
Another interesting piece of architecture

Venice Beach

Venice Beach
Us at Beach
Bus exit
This probably looks a bit random, but was one of the funniest things that happened. This was apparently a bus-stop, so one passenger had to squueze through that bush to get out


Sandwich we had in Hollywood
Food at Lemonade
Food at Lemonade, a restaurant that serves food buffet-style

Grand Central Market

Currywurst from a German stand. There were some many different choices for food, which made it really hard for us
Egg in a jar from Eggslut. They really live up to their name, apparently the us up around 1500 eggs a day.
Alex and JJ
That is all