China - Shanghai

This is a shorter post from our two-night stay in Shanghai. JJ's Uncle (father of Susan, if you read the previous blog post from Hangzhou) was also at the family gathering and was nice enough to offer us a ride back to Shanghai and a bed in the apartment of his family.

Since we didn't have much time we decided to just check out some of the landmarks (like the Shanghai Tower you can see above) and museums.

With police
Finally some order. This picture was taken in Shanghai Town, where the Yu Garden is. We got there early in the morning, which turned out to be a good decision, as it got really busy there later.
Minature Shanghai
A replica of Shanghai. The city is the largest in China, which 24 million living just in the municipality.
A fruity snack on a hot day
French Concession
Coffee and Dessert in the French Concession. Beautiful European flair in the middel of a Chinese City. It was really interesting to learn how much international influence the city got in the past
JJ loved those
Funny mouth
This was in a museum for unusual world records. JJ is giving her best impression, you think she has a chance for the title?