Spring 2019 Winter Adventures

As I'm wrapping up the year I wanted to share a few more experiences of the past year. One of the highlights were the trips we did in the beginning of the year. First there was a short trip to Whister for some snowboarding, then a snowshoeing hike to Elfin Lakes and finally Revelstroke (we're already plannign our next trip there!)


The go-to destination since it's so close to our home. Epic views as always. For the first time we also tried ourselves on some black runs, and it was so much fun that there is no going back now.

whistler mountains1
whistler mountains2


Rare sight of snow in Vacouver seeing so much snow. Together with the sunshine made it a beautiful day.

kits beach

Elfin Lakes

Fun with friends hiking to Elfin Lakes hut and sleeping there overnight.

elfin lakes1
elfin lakes2
elfin lakes hut


We found a flight for a great price, so that's what we did! Our first time there and we had an amazing time.

One of our most daring rides, but so much fun!
For the first time we started exploring an area that is almost backcountry. To get here we had to do the so called Lemming walk up and around the mountain.
A lot of fresh snow and a lot less people made this incredible.
On our last ride down the mountain I proposed to JJ very close to this spot and she said yes!
Ended the day with an open air apres ski party. Great music and a lot of fun


Just a few shots at the end of the season. Sunsets there are always spectacular

cypress day
cypress sunset1
cypress sunset2