Coastal Walk

One of the most recommended hikes in the Sydney region is the Costal Walk. There is a shorter one (about 5km) from Bondi To Coogee, but decided to go for the longer one, which is from Bundeena to Otfort and totals in about 27 km. As I noted in the Sydney post, the weather on my first week of arrival was quite terrible. Luckly I saw a two day window that promised warm weather and blue skies, so I set out to do a hike.

The itinary was the following: Take the train from Downtown to Cronulla, from there take the Ferry over to Bundeena. The hike would take me south through the Royal National Park. I also decided to camp for the night, which would be at the North Era campground, roughly at the 20km mark. One the second day I would arrive at the Otfort train station where I could catch a ride back to town.

Here a map to give you an overview of the track I walked. The path was always alonmgside the beach.
Ferry to Bundeena
Ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena

Once I arrived at the park entrance I had a sudden realization: I actually need a camping permit for the night. That's what happens if you disregard Planning 101. So I had to walk back for 20min into town and find a cafe with WiFi, to find out how to book one now. Turns out I couldn't book one online on such a short notice, so I had to call their office, which I had to do from a nearby public phone. Then the trip could finally start!

Beach View
Picture taken close to the the Wedding Cake Rock
Beach View
Swamp wallabyo
A Swamp wallaby on my path close to the campground. They're closely related to Kangaroos, mainly just smaller in size and usually on their own
Beach View at Semi Detached Point
Picture take close to the so-called Semi Detached Point
Beach View

Overall it was a great track and would recommend it to anyone. If I would do it again I would skip the camping for the night though. It was just 7 more km, so starting early and walking light should make it possible to easily do it in one day.

Hope you enjoyed the read!