This is a short report from my work-trip to Montreal from Oct 16th to 18th. Besides the meetings I had some time to explore the city and nightlife. Sadly without JJ this time, there was just not enough time to make it worthwile.

Here are some impressions from my trip:

Park in the Old Downtown District
Park in the Old Downtown District
Hospital and Church
Interestingly they tried to combine the Church (which is newly build) and the hospital
City Museum
The museum exhibits the history of the city, which is defined by its strugelles with the indigonous people and the English
Streetart1 - Asia Lady
Lots of Street Art can be seen all around the city, which makes you want to explore every corner just to find another one
Streetart2 - Tree Love
Inside the famous Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal
Artwork - Bear
Inside Foufounes Électriques. Really nice ambiente, but it's better to come on a weekend when it's not so empty
On my first night in Montreal I ended up in La Distillerie no.1, where I got to meet some locals