Favourite runs at Cypress

The local Winter season came to an abrubt end due to the Coronavirus, so I thought I look back at the great season I had. After I started snowboarding at Cypress about 5 years ago I got better for about 2 or 3 years but then hit a point where I was not progressing much anymore. I was just doing blue runs and getting bored by it. I think this season I finally broke that wall and I also explored so many new areas in Cypress where I had no idea they existed and how much fun you can have on this mountain. Here I'll share my top 4 discoveries (together with some pictures I took there during the season).

burrard inlet
View on Burrad Inlet

No 4: Gibsons Glades to Horizon to Primary Power

Start off Gibsons and make you way down to Horizon. If you go past the Rainbow turn-off a bit further down you can turn left and go into some pretty sweet glades that have fresh snow. There are a few dead ends, so better follow tracks and don't just go in blindly. Esp end of season some small creeks are opening up, so you have to be careful. Otherwise lots of fun here.

No 3: Slash

This side of the mountain is incredible. I typically start off Horizon and then either go straight and stay on top of the ridge (marked as L.T.D on the map) or go down a bit further and turn early into the trees. The regular entrance to Slash that you see on the map has an uphill part, so it's better to avoid it as a snowboarder. Inside the trees you can find some great snow and going down I recommend staying between Slash and Moons.


No 2: Glades and Top Gun

Glades from Sky Chair usualy have great snow and are a lot of fun. Then continue down on Top Gun. One thing I like a lot on this run is to try and stay on the right side, which has a lot of gladed runs with more snow.

View towards Vancouver

No 1: Elevator

Discovered it only recently and it requires some effort to get to. On the map it is marked as Elevator. Start with Cat Track and then when you go down stay on the right. You'll see a small hill that you can only get up to by hiking up. Once on top this is the view:


Up here I had the deepest snow and some wonderful runs down. You can go towards Moons or stay further on the left going through the woods until you get to Collins. So much fun! Be careful though, not many people come by here, so if you get stuck you can be in big trouble.

Honorable mentions

Some other runs that are more popular but I enjoy them a lot so I want to give them a shout out:

  • Tomcat when going down Sky Chair: Loving the glades and just how smooth it is going down
  • The B-Hip & Trumpeter under Eagle Express Chair. Nice variation is to come in from Jersey Jay instead of starting under the chair.
  • Runs at Raven chair (when there is more snow). Just love how the lineup are just always that much shorter at the chair.

Hope you enjoyed!